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Working Silicon Valley Style

Hal Amano

It has been said that the whole Silicon Valley is one ecosystem by itself. What does it really mean? What is the working style of Silicon Valley?

In an ecosystem, you are well connected to people outside the organization or company that you belong to. You are loyal to where you work as long as you are there but the job security is not that high and you are not totally dependent on it either. People form a network of individuals beyond a particular job place or company and help each other in their network.

The book contains interviews of 18 Japanese business professionals who work in the ecosystem. They seem to be enjoying their work styles that are quite different from what is typical in Japan where priorities are always the organizations and companies rather than the individuals. Job security may be higher but work styles are much more restricted in many ways.

Publisher:Nikkei Publishing, Inc.
Price:JPN 1,500 (tax exc.)

Working Silicon Valley Style Working Silicon Valley Style

How To Become A Global-Minded Business Professional

Hal Amano

The third publication of Hal Amano "How To Become A Global-Minded Business Professional".
In this book, Amano shares ideas and insights from living and working in Silicon Valley for over 30 years and applies this knowledge as it relates to challenges faced by Japanese companies in their quest to innovate. There are two “walls”, Amano explains. One is the “wall of the network”, the fact that businesses are not connected as well as they could be in Japan. The other is the “language barrier wall” and the continued need to improve English skills.

Learn what can be done in the long and short-term to overcome these challenges.

Price:JPN 1,500 (tax inc.)

180日でグローバル人材になる方法 How To Become A Global-Minded Business Professional

Simple Communications

Hal Amano

Simple Communications is Hal Amano's second book. This book focuses on the “Communication Rules” laid out in his first book, Globalizing Your Business Skills, and explores the concepts in depth. Hal Amano developed these rules based on thirty years of experience doing business abroad. In December 2009, this book reached #1 best seller on

This book is only available in Japanese.

Price:JPY 1,500 (tax inc.)

シンプルでうまくいくコミュニケーションの技術 Simple Communications

Globalizing Your Business Skills

Hal Amano

Produced along with Honda Naoyuki, the author of the best seller “Leverage-series” books,” this book explores Hal Amano's experience of doing business abroad and the skill set he obtained. In August 2008, this book reached #1 best seller on

This book is only available in Japanese.

Price:JPY 1,500 (tax inc.)

Globalizing Your Business Skills Globalizing Your Business Skills