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Program Features

Global Vision Technology provides valuable support for its clients’ global business development by providing world-class experience and knowledge for today’s international business environment. In cooperation with various colleges, language schools, home stay programs and internship programs, Global Vision Technology provides an original all in one overseas training program. Our training is based on the experience of a 20-year track record of international business development.

Global Vision Training can be customized to meet each corporation’s needs.

Our Program can be customized to meet each corporation’s needs. Global Vision Technology offers various programs such as OJT training for foreign language acquisition, OJT to learn foreign business customs, OJT to explore partnership opportunities, etc.

Global Vision Training

Global Vision Training integrates two tools crucial for successfully launching business overseas.

1 Language &
Business Culture OJT
Networking experience program 1, 2, 3
Intensive language training at overseas language schools and/or university extension programs + business culture training through corporate internship and networking experience provides lots of opportunities to meet with local people and develop valuable networks that can lead to your future business.
2 Business Alliance Development
Program 4, 5, 6
Business alliance programs offered to large Japanese corporations to help develop business alliances with US startups.

Program Details

Program1 Full-immersion environment for language learning and participation in real networking activities provide the communication skill that global business people must have and also opportunities to develop valuable networks that lead to future business.
Four to six months of intensive English training at an established ESL (English-as-Second-Language) institution in the US combined with a local homestay program for cultural exchange.
Program2 Two to three months OCT (Off-Campus Training) to practice English in a real business environment. Gain skills and knowledge to communicate and work with business people in the US.
Program3 Research and networking OJT (On-the-Job Training) to contact and start dialogs with US startups. Gain knowledge and skills needed to locate potential alliance partners and communicate with them.
Program4 Work with US Startup Support Organizations (SSO) such as MBA program support groups, VCs and government organizations to locate a potential business alliance partner.
Program5 Send an alliance manager to stay with a potential US Startup for several months to explore alliance opportunities, joint ventures, investment, etc. Conduct market research and other preparation.
Program6 The alliance manager continues to work at a US Startup for several more months to carry out various alliance activities, such as product localization, market entry support, joint ventures, etc.

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